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Curating Artistic Research Output

Research data created by the UK’s performance and visual arts departments is often rich, technically complex and amazingly varied in nature. This work may include interconnected multimedia records of a single live event or software which exhibits complex behaviours dependent upon the choices made by a viewer.

In addition to enriching our cultural heritage sector, this research underpins our scholarly record and is commonly used, re-used and reinterpreted by subsequent researcher-practitioners as the basis for new works. The challenges involved in preserving and facilitating the use of such non-standardised research data can be considerable.

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No prominent subject-based repository exists to act as the custodians of arts practice-as-research data. Where institution provision for data management is in place (for instance, an institutional repository service) the arts researcher-practitioner cannot always rely on an understanding of the special nature of arts research data. More commonly, data is retained in departmental collections, built and maintained by small teams which often include researchers themselves.

It is the aim of this project, funded as part of the wider JISC Managing Research Data programme, to offer data management skills tailored to the special requirements of the arts researcher-practitioner.

Project CAiRO is a joint initiative, bringing together JISC Digital Media, the Digital Curation Centre and the Department of Drama: Theatre, Film and Television.

Our key output will be a post-graduate teaching and learning module which will offer researchers the skills and knowledge to effectively self-archive or to communicate their needs to third parties in order to negotiate appropriate levels of service.

We welcome questions via email and involvement via contribution to the Project Wiki or subscribe to our Project Blog via RSS.

At the close of the project all teaching and learning materials will be made freely available under Creative Commons licence via this site and also via the JORUM repository.

If you are an active arts practitioner-researcher or have responsibility for designing/delivering creative, post-graduate programmes please take the time to complete the 30 question User Needs survey.

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